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2022-present Ph.D. Student Chemistry, Umeå University
2022                 M2 Chemistry, U. Claude Bernard-Lyon, France
2021                 M1 Chemistry, Lebanese University, Lebanon
2020                  B.Sc. Chemistry, Lebanese University, Lebanon

Recent News    

  • July 2023: Angelo Pio Sebaaly attended the Goldschmidt Geochemistry Conference


My research aims to delve into the fascinating interactions occurring between iron minerals and organic compounds within the cryosphere. While traditionally viewed as chemically inert, ice surprisingly hosts intricate reaction sites, namely intergrain boundaries, that act as centers for chemical transformations (dissolution, redox, etc.). These regions contain the eutectic liquid, which is supercooled liquid water. Fueled by both curiosity and the urgency posed by the accelerated melting of polar ice, this Ph.D. project is dedicated to uncovering the underlying chemistry governing the interplay between minerals and organics within the ice. By shedding light on these fundamental processes, I aim to make meaningful contributions to our comprehension of ice-bound chemical phenomena.


The Swedish Research Council is currently supporting our project “Rust in Ice” (2021-2024), awarded to Ph.D. supervisor Jean-François Boily


Sebaaly, A.P.; Dias, H.; Christ, L.; Merzoud, L.; Chermette, H.; Hoffmann, G.; Morell, C. Insight into the Varying Reactivity of Different Catalysts for CO2 Cycloaddition into Styrene Oxide: An Experimental and DFT Study. Int. J. Mol. Sci. 202324, 2123.

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Angelo Pio Sebaaly
Department of Chemistry
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Umeå University
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