Tao Chen

Visiting Ph.D. student Boily group from Khalil Hanna‘s group at Université Rennes-ENSCR

(Postdoc starting November 2024)

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2021-present Ph.D. Student Université Rennes-ENSCR, France
2018-2021        M.Sc. Env. Sci., Wuhan University, China
2014-2018        B.Sc. Env. Sci., Wuhan University, China

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The Swedish Research Council is currently supporting our project “Rust in Ice” (2021-2024), awarded to Ph.D. supervisor Jean-François Boily


[1] Ding, W.; Xu, J.; Chen, T.; Liu, C.; Li, J.; Wu, F. Co-Oxidation of As(III) and Fe(II) by Oxygen through Complexation between As(III) and Fe(II)/Fe(III) Species. Water Res. 2018, 143, 599–607.

[2] Chen, T.; Fu, C.; Liu, Y.; Pan, F.; Wu, F.; You, Z.; Li, J. Adsorption of Volatile Organic Compounds by Mesoporous Graphitized Carbon: Enhanced Organophilicity, Humidity Resistance, and Mass Transfer. Sep Purif Technol. 2021, 264, 118464.

[3] Wang, Y.; Cai, M.; Chen, T.; Pan, F.; Wu, F.; You, Z.; Li, J. Oxide of Porous Graphitized Carbon as Recoverable Functional Adsorbent That Removes Toxic Metals from Water. J. Colloid Interface Sci. 2021, 606, 983–993.

[4] Pan, F.; Chen, T.; Cai, M.; Wu, F.; You, Z.; Li, J. Fabrication of Large-surface-area Graphitized Carbons by Potassium Hydroxide-promoted Catalytic Graphitization. Mater Res Bull. 2021, 140:111333.

[5] Fu, C.; Pan, C.; Chen, T.; Peng, D.; Liu, Y.; Wu, F.; Xu, J.; You, Z.; Li, J.; Luo, L. Adsorption-Enforced Fenton-like Process Using Activated Carbon-Supported Iron Oxychloride Catalyst for Wet Scrubbing of Airborne Dichloroethane. Chemosphere. 2022, 307, 136193.

[6] Luo, T.; Pokharel, R.; Chen, T.; Boily, J. F.; Hanna, K. Fate and Transport of Pharmaceuticals in Iron and Manganese Binary Oxide Coated Sand Columns. Environ. Sci. Technol. 2023, 57, 214-221.

[7] Deng, J.; Chen, T.; Arbid, Y.; Pasturel, M.; Bae, S.; Hanna, K. Aging and Reactivity Assessment of Nanoscale Zerovalent Iron in Groundwater Systems. Water Res. 2023, 229, 119472.

[8] Li, J.; Chen, T.; Xiao, M.; Zhang, L. Volatile Organic Compound Adsorption Experiment Device. Chinese Patent No. CN209764636U.

[9] Li, J.; Chen, T.; Li, Z.;Xiao, M.; Zhang, L. Dynamic Adsorption Experiment Device for Volatile Organic Compounds. Chinese Patent No. CN209690278U.

[10] Li, J.; Pan, F.; Wu, F.; Shu, S.; Xiao, J.; Chen, T. Preparation Method of High Specific Surface Area Porous Graphitized Carbon. Chinese Patent No. CN108557816A.

[11] Li, J.; Cai, M.; Wu, F.; Chen, T. Preparation Method and Application of Graphitized Carbon with Large Specific Surface Area. Chinese Patent No. CN111732097A.

Contact & Delivery Address

Tao Chen
Department of Chemistry
Linnaeusv. 6
Umeå University
SE-901 87 Umeå