Rogers Swai

2021 – Ph.D. Biogeochemistry, Umeå University, Sweden.
2019 – 2021 MSc. Mineral materials, IMACS, Univ. de Poitiers, France.
2016 – 2019 MSc. Petroleum and oil drilling engineering, China University of Petroleum, China.
2009 – 2013 BSc Geomatics engineering, Ardhi University, Tanzania.


My research focuses on understanding at a molecular scale the adsorption of small organics such as drug compounds on layered (Clay) minerals.


Swai, R.E. A review of molecular dynamics simulations in the designing of effective shale inhibitors: application for drilling with water-based drilling fluids. J Petrol Explor Prod Technol 10, 3515–3532 (2020).

Moussa Camara, Hualin Liao, Jiafang Xu, Jun Zhang, Rogers Swai, Molecular dynamics study of the intercalation and conformational transition of poly (N-vinyl caprolactam), a thermosensitive polymer in hydrated Na-montmorillonite, Polymer, Volume 179, 2019, 121718.

Conferences (2023)

Rogers Swai, Michael Holmboe, Adsorption of the antibiotic ciprofloxacin to montmorillonite – studied by MD simulations. 2023 The Clay minerals society annual meeting. UT Austin, TX

Rogers Swai, Michael Holmboe Adsorption of 23 common pharmaceuticals to montmorillonite: An advanced Molecular Dynamics study.