2 new positions in the Boily group

PhD and postdoc positions on Rust in Ice!
It’s a Molecular Geochemistry project!
Sweden’s a great place to do a PhD (4-5 years) and postdoc (2 years)!
Fantastic infrastructure (www.kbc.se) and great working conditions!
Links to the positions:
Application deadline is February 28.

3 new publications for the Boily group

These are from collaborations with:

1. Jonatan Klaminder (Ecology and Environmental Science, Umeå University)

Bottone A, Boily J.-F., Shchukarev A., Anderson P., Klaminder 2021. Sodium hypochlorite as an oxidising agent for removal of soil organic matter before micro plastics analyses. J. Env. Qual. 

2. Solomon Tesfalidet (Chemistry, Umeå University)

Haziri V, Phal S, Boily J.-F., Berisha A., Tesfalidet S. 2022. Oxygen interactions with covalently grafted 2D manometric carboxyphenyl thin films – An experimental and DFT study.  Coatings. 49.

3. Khalil Hanna (École National Supérieure de Chimie de Rennes, France)

Luo T., Xu J., Cheng W., Zhou L., Marsac R., Wu F., Boily J.-F., Hanna K. 2021 Interactions of anti-inflammatory and antibiotic drugs at mineral surfaces can control environmental fate and transport. Environ. Sci. Technol.



New grants in Fall 2021!

Erik Björn: 3.6 Mkr (Swedish Research Council) for a project on  methyl mercury in biofilms
Erik Björn: 3.0 Mkr (Formas) for a project on  methyl mercury in the sea
Jean-François Boily, Madeleine Ramstedt, Andrey Shchukarev: 10.0 Mkr (Kempe Foundation + Faculty of Science and Technology) for the acquisition of a new X-ray Photoelectron Spectrometer
Jean-François Boily: 900 kkr (Kempe) for a postdoctoral project on iron in ice.
Merve Yesilbas: 4 Mkr (Swedish Research Council) for a project on cryosalts on planet Mars

Bubble paper out!

Using microelectrodes, we revealed a gateway for ion transport in bubbles pinned on hematite and on gold!

You can read our paper “A gateway for ion transport on gas bubbles pinned onto solids” here.
You can read the story behind the paper here.

Harizi V, Nha TPT, Berisha A, Boily JF. 2021. A gateway for ion transport on gas bubbles pinned onto solids. Commun. Chem. 4, 43.

Yesilbas publishes Science Advances paper on Martian cryosalts!

This is the first paper from Merve Yesilbas‘ VR- and NASA-supported work with Janice Bishop at the SETI institute.

Bishop JL, Yeşilbaş M, Hinman NW, Burton ZMF, Englert PAJ,  Toner JD, McEwen AS, Gulick VC, Gibson EK, Koeberl C. 2021. Martian subsurface cryosalt expansion and collapse as trigger for landslides. Sci. Adv. 7, eabe4459.

You can find the paper here and press releases on CNN and SETI

Using soil analogues, the group showed how cryosalts can trigger landslides on Mars. This suggests the martian environment is still dynamic and active today, which is important for future human exploration on Mars. A portion of the experimental work was done in JF Boily’s laboratory.