New group focused on Planetary Geochemistry and Spectroscopy lead by Dr. Yeşilbaş

We are searching for one of the biggest quests in humanity: “Are We Alone?”. To resolve this, we are addressing the following questions:

Is there water on Mars?

What is the role of water in martian geochemical history?

How can we reveal the potential water resources for future human explorations on Mars?

Our research focuses on the geochemical changes of the planet Mars and alien oceans using spectroscopic techniques. We use martian analogue rocks and soils collected from the extreme environments on Earth to reveal the geochemical and climate history of Mars. We combine the laboratory data with martian orbit data, especially from the Compact Reconnaissance Imaging Spectrometer for Mars (CRISM).

If you would like to know more about ongoing research in our lab, you could watch this IceLab pitch link given by the group leader, Dr. Yeşilbaş.

Are you interested in joining the Yeşilbaş group? We currently offer a fully-funded PhD position for 4 years. You can apply through this link till May 24, 2022. Postdoctoral researchers are very welcome to discuss potential research topics and projects. We also have bachelor and master student projects available during the academic year. For all your questions and inquires, please reach out to Dr. Yeşilbaş via email (

Per aspera ad astra!🚀


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