PhD Student Position in the Yeşilbaş Group

PhD student position on the Role of Salts and Brines in Martian Geochemistry using spectroscopic techniques.

Is there water on Mars? What is the role of water in martian geochemical history? How can we reveal the potential water resources for future human explorations on Mars?

  • Diverse experimental work and using the Compact Reconnaissance Imaging Spectrometer for Mars (CRISM) data to understand the Martian mineralogy!
  • Fantastic infrastructure in Umeå ( and collaborate with a number of  international research teams, including NASA
  • The great employment benefits in Sweden during your PhD (4-5) years (e.g., paid holiday leave, reimbursement of fitness and medical expenses as well as doctor visits during paid working hours)

If you would like to discover all these fascinating phenomena related to Mars, apply here before May 24, 2022.

Per aspera ad astra!🚀

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