Ohlin Group — Grants


JCK-1719 – ”Solution dynamics and protonation of polyoxometalates”. Kempe foundation grant. SEK 1.2M. 2017

DP130100483 – ”Bio-inspired electro catalysts for gas reduction reactions: towards electrochemical ammonia production under ambient conditions”. Nationally competitive Australian Research Council Discovery Project 2013-2016. Shared with B. Winther-Jensen. AUD 340k total per 3 years.

Faculty of Science Equipment Grants for ’Junior’ Academics Scheme, Monash – Funding for medium-pressure NMR equipment (ca AUD 30k). 2012.

School of Chemistry Research Committee Grant, Monash – Partial funding for medium-pressure NMR equipment (ca AUD 10k). 2012.

DP110105530 – ”Activation of small molecules using redox- and pH-stable polyoxometalate molecular clusters as catalysts”. Nationally competitive Australian Research Council Discovery Project/QEII fellowship 2011 (ca AUD 675k per 5 years). Sole investigator.