Rupali Sharma

Rupali is awarded her PhD

28/8/2017: Rupali has been conferred a PhD by Monash University in recognition of her work on the solution dynamics and computational chemistry of polyoxometalates. Congratulations!

Rupali is awarded a PPA and submits

3/5/2017: Rupali has been awarded a Postgraduate Publication Award (PPA) by Monash, and has submitted her thesis, title “Reaction dynamics of metal oxides in solution by NMR”. She’ll thus be staying with the Ohlin group for a few more months while writing up her research for publication.


Rupali Sharma holds a B. Sc. in Biochemistry from Delhi University and an M. Sc. in Biosciences from Jamia Millia University in India. After spending two years as a junior research fellow at Amity university, she commenced her PhD with Andy Ohlin at Monash University in February 2014 and submitted in May 2017.

Rupali Sharma’s current research interests are in the domain of interfacial reactions in water. To this end she is studying the interaction of water with geochemically and catalytically relevant metal oxides. Her project is divided into two parts: the resolution of the solution dynamics involving substituted niobium polyoxometalates, and the investigation of ligand exchange reactions involving polyoxometalate sandwhich compounds.This work is done in joint co-supervision with Zhang Jie.



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