ECCE forked, hosted at

The PNNL developed a Linux code called ECCE (Extensible Computational Chemistry Environment; in the 90s and 00s. Unfortunately, no more resources seem to be made available to maintain the code.

This is a shame since it has some interesting functionality:

  • can be used to prepare input files for gaussian and nwchem
  • can submit jobs either directly or to queue managers (SGE, Slurm)
  • can open and visualise the output

And on top of this it’s open source and runs on Linux.

I and Matt Asplund of BYU have thus decided to try to develop a community maintained version. We have put this at

In addition to maintaining the code, we also have three standard build environment for which we release precompiled binaries.

You can thus download binaries for Centos 7, Ubuntu LTS 16.04.2 and Debian 8.8, in addition to the source code.

Currently there are three release versions:

7.0 — The unmodified PNNL code

7.0.1 — The PNNL code modified to allow it to compile without any further patching on CentOS, Ubuntu and Debian

7.1.0 — A heavily modified version of the PNNL code that introduces new functionality and fixes old bugs

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