Kebnekaise/HPC2N with ECCE at UMU

You’ll need to have modified ECCE to work with SLURM first. That’s a separate post.

Make sure to run your jobs in /pfs/nobackup/home/X/Username and use /scratch for /scratch

Once you’ve got ECCE modified for SLURM, this is what goes into your CONFIG.kebnekaise file under apps/siteconfig/

NWChem: /lap/nwchem/6.5/bin/nwchem
Gaussian-03: /hpc2n/eb/software/Core/gaussian/16.A.03-SSE4/g16
perlPath: /usr/local/bin/
qmgrPath: /usr/local/bin/
xappsPath: /usr/local/bin/
Slurm {
#SBATCH -c $totalprocs
#SBATCH -n 1
#SBATCH --time=$walltime
#SBATCH --output=job.%J.out
#SBATCH --error=job.%J.err
#SBATCH --job-name=$submitFile
Gaussian-03FilesToRemove{ core *.rwf }
setenv MODULEPATH ${MODULEPATH}:/hpc2n/eb/modules/all/Core
ml gaussian
g16 < $infile > $outfile

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