What to use?

In my group we use linux exclusively. This is done for a number of reasons, chief of which are that it works best with the best tools for our work, and because I can provide you with limited IT support if you are using Linux. Any other OS and you’re on your own.

So here’s a list of tools that we use on linux and what we use them for:

Writing — latex when possible, libreoffice when not, and WPS when we must deal with office documents.

Spreadsheets — gnumeric (always ask yourself whether a spreadsheet is a good idea — often sed/gawk is better)

Plotting and fitting — gnuplot

Simulation/general maths — Octave

Programming — Python (2.7)

Computational chemistry framework — ECCE

CAS — Maxima

File sharing — UMU has 1 Tb storage for each staff member on One Drive via Office 365, so while it’s not great on linux, this is what we use.



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